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Small format printing equipment on the market to see where

In recent years, the sheet-large format printing has become the focus of people's attention, which stands for sheet-fed offset printing products has led the print of the latest technologies in the field of "higher, faster, better" direction. Save paper, efficient and more value-added products to become the biggest selling point of large-format sheet-fed offset printing presses. We still find that by sheet-fed offset printing equipment manufacturers in China still featured in large format printing, large format printing has many advantages, and small format devices to see where? Printing enterprises how to create value added services by small format devices?
production efficiency and products value and press format has nothing to do format small does not representative with technology behind, in equipment business pursuit "big" of while, they also for in the slightly surface printing equipment for has series of technology, even many to big known of equipment business also launched has himself unique of slightly surface press, as high treasure Lee will up 75, and manluolanluolan 50,, while Heidelberg SM74 also in Qingpu factory began quantitative assembled. These devices have many of the world's most advanced printing press technology. For example Roland 50, in used new times diameter pressure printing drum, and times diameter biography paper device and no traces go paper way Hou, it can is easily of in 0.04mm to 0.8mm thickness of printer material Zhijian conversion, that is, printing factory can in printing finished cardboard zhihou of a few minutes Bell within, fly up and received paper device will can quickly to conversion into single Zhang paper printing mode, printing quality of commercial print. While online processing module has also been introduced to the field of large-format printing, except on the printing area digital duplicator, small format printer automatically and printable printer types and large-format printing has no gaps.
fine print also has nothing to do with the format size small does not mean poor print quality. Although China has millions on printing company, are rare but there is a certain scale, to achieve the fine print but only 10%. From a single second-hand equipment, to a new machine, and then to a good machine; almost 80% of China small and medium enterprise printing continues this pattern. For many fledgling, wants to replace with new equipment but don't have the funds for small and medium, flexible configuration, automation, higher medium and small format devices is, of course, is a better choice. Advanced automation, high efficiency production efficiency, stable quality, flexible online processing, as well as a larger range of printed products can bring fledgling SMEs richer product mix, and the quality of the fine print. For example, Heidelberg SM52, the user can according to their own need to selectively upgrade. Also, latest of Heidelberg Anicolor Shang ink system and no ink district printing unit, also also can using in this Taiwan small of printing equipment Shang, plus many advanced of control, its printing out of products except received paper stage of format and sharply surface different, after series printing Hou decorative zhihou, its finished fundamental and other Heidelberg sharply surface equipment by printing out of products no any difference.
short version of quick printing small format in more advantages now demand more and more of the short version of quick printing, digital printing costs are still high, in the printing costs today, compression, many customers still choose traditional offset printing printing. Assume that a customer needs to print 1000 copies of single conference brochure about the size of 16K format, 8k equipment paper 500 sheets, 250 4K devices, devices only need to be printed outside of 125. But a live machine scrap will not suffer the effects of breadth, they generally are similar. Assume equipment waste in 25, then the 8K waste of 50, 4K waste, 100, while the opposite will be a waste of 200 copies printed, has accounted for the final number of 1/5. In this case, the larger format presses the scrap percentage is even higher, it means that its production cost is higher. So the format is not in any case has the edge. This short version of the Xpress, customer requests more nervous, can't find plates for the printing work, small format because it is low-waste production took some advantage.
is most important because of rational investment choices are right for small format printers in the structure design, the substantial increase in automation, coupled with its incomparable advantages in the short version of the quick printing, for fledgling printing business and those who want to develop digital quick printing commercial printing company and part of the digital enterprise, it is a very good supplement options. Large format printing equipment in equipment costs and maintenance costs are relatively low, but an advanced device tens of millions. Companies in the equipment before you buy must be fully investigated for its own production capacity, especially for the development of digital quick printing business in commercial printing company, equipment is just tool for business transformation, only in the case of equipment production capacity cannot meet, buy a small format devices may be a better solution. BACK